Friday, October 10, 2008

Thanksgiving cards

Here are my two newest cards. Both are Thanksgiving cards. They are both my favourite cards ever that I've made. I was having a great couple of days, creatively, when I made these. I love them.

The first one includes hand stamped leaves in varying autumn colours. I created the background to the leaves by using a teabag coloured distress ink pad. Finished off with an autumn plaid design and a "Thanksgiving blessings" greeting. It suits this time of year perfectly.

For the second card I decided to use some handmade paper. I have lots of this, so I decided this is the perfect season to use it on. I stamped leaves in gold ink and a small dotty background in brown ink. I ripped the edges of the handmade paper and the orange paper it is mounted on to give it a natural look. Tip, when trying to achieve this ripped paper look, run a wet paintbrush along the line where you wish to rip. This makes ripping easier as the rip will stay along the wet line and there is less chance of ripping into your image. I really like the subtle greeting, reading "We are Thankful", stamped in a soft brown chalk ink in the corner of the card. Oh I love them both. Definitely proud of these two. Fellow card markers will know that that's not always the case for every card you make!

I will be posting both on my Etsy shop in about an hour, so take a look!


Andrea-Brown Bee Studio said...

Hi Michelle! These Thanksgiving cards are very nice. Hope they do well for you! xoxo Andie

ChelleBelleCards said...

Thanks Andie