Saturday, October 4, 2008

Introducing...Little Hand Studios

I would like to share with everyone the beautiful handmade glass artwork made by Little Hand Studios. Their store is full of bright and shimmering fused glass plates, pendants and other glass decorations. As Little Hand says herself, life is full of colour, celebrate it!

The majority of their shop is fused glass plates. These are not only fun, they are functional since they are food safe. So use them as decoration, to serve food or even as a soap dish. The colours in this stunning Le Cirque plate look so crisp and glimmer in the light.

Their modern bright plates, such as this Cherry red tic tac toe plate, would look great displayed as a candy dish.

As well as modern designs, they also make beautiful classic style plates, like this amazing Raspberry ambrosia plate where pink glass is fused with creamy white glass. This one has to be my absolute favourite.

As well as plates, they also make pendants. The one shown here is aptly named you are my sunshine, and would brighten anyone's day if given as a gift.

Check out their shop today!


mattscraftywife said...

WOW I love that glassware! Beautiful.

mine, by magpie said...

ooooh- very nice!!! thanks for letting us know about them!!