Friday, August 22, 2008

Cute animal stamps

If you visit my Etsy store, you may see that I don't really have a trademark style. I like to think I use different styles for my cards. But one recurring theme you may begin to observe is the use of cute cartoon style stamps, like these animal designs. They are too adorable. And I love how easy they are to make pretty by simply adding color.

They look particularly great when colored with a watercolor style technique. This is achieved by scribbling a brush marker or stamping an ink pad onto an acrylic block and then mixing with a wet paintbrush to produce a watercolor. When using this technique, it is best to use a permanent ink to stamp your image.

Another of my favorite ways to color in these type of stamps is with stardust pens from Sakura. They give a shimmering effect, and come in bright colors. Perfect for the cheery chick in the "you rock" card.

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Body Language Soaps said...

These cards are adorable!!!